Meet the team

Alana Peralta, Founder & CEO

Alana Peralta is the founder of Equality is Equal Pay. Alana’s story is quite remarkable: she started to earn six figures in her career at the age of 25, without a medical degree, engineering degree, or 1 million followers on Instagram. She created and followed a specific strategy that helped me get to where she is today. Here’s her story:

Alana had prepared herself for the consulting world for three years and landed her first corporate-consulting job in 2013. She was so excited when she received a base salary offer and thought, “wow, I’m rich!” or so she thought. Alana said yes to her offer, without negotiation.

Fast forward to three months on the job, when she overheard two male colleagues discussing their salary. One blurted out, “I get paid 100k, that’s not nearly enough to deal with this!” Why was someone (with fewer credentials) making more than her? Creating a list of skill sets  (and degrees) that Alana possessed and he didn’t, she was outraged. At that point, She did what anyone else would do:

 She started looking for another job.

Alana created a detailed strategy of where she wanted to be and what she needed to do get there. Aggressive with her job search applying 10 jobs a week and after three months, she landed in the consulting firm of her dreams and negotiated a base salary, a $32,000 raise.

Ana Gonzalez, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Ana Gonzalez is an innovative and driven leader with over 8 years of experience spearheading the direction of marketing and communications strategies to enhance brand value. She has implemented a strong presence with her work across all major social media platforms, and has met company sales goals through: community outreach initiatives, strategic planning, and project management.

In her current role as a Director of Marketing & Patient Resources, she continues to create tactical recommendations for patient retention strategies while strengthening the brand from traditional marketing to digital marketing in the healthcare industry.

Ana’s passion is creating a story through digital platforms. “There’s a new culture of love in town, I call it ‘digital love’. To have digital platforms that help us connect, create a voice, build a brand, and provide solutions to help you is truly rewarding!”

Franchesca Arias, PhD, Chief Research Officer

Dr. Arias immigrated to the US at the age of 17. Dr. Arias is a Clinical Neuropsychologist completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Florida. Throughout her academic endeavors, Dr. Arias has experience how cultural, socioeconomic, and ethno racial issues permeate her interaction with colleagues and her clinical responsibilities. As a first-generation immigrant, Dr. Arias has had to act as a champion for herself, as she establishes her place in academia.

She has been successful in her goal, attending prestigious academic institutions, Teachers College, Columbia University and Fordham University, and conducting research to advance our understanding of the cultural and social factors that influence cognition and behavior. As a social scientist, Dr. Arias understands that in order to truly obtain equality, woman of color must understand systemic oppression, the social and cultural factors that dictate women’s role in society, and how they influence us, psychologically.